Proposed Power Line Status Update

Proposed Power Line Status Update

This is a summary of a letter I received.  It provides a proposed power line status update on Dominion Power’s proposed power line towers and summarizes the long road ahead . . . .

At the last update, the legislative effort to direct the proposed power line route to one that would follow I-66 and be partially buried had failed.  The next major milestone would be Dominion Power making a formal filing for the power line with the State Corporation Commission (SCC).Strictly speaking that is where we still are.

But that doesn’t mean nothing has been going on.  The research on the various types of impacts (economic, historical, cultural, and environmental) from a power line along the various proposed alternatives has been ongoing.  This research will form the basis of testimony before the SCC when hearings are scheduled.

Meetings and contact with federal, state, and county officials and officeholders have been taking place.  The focus has been on the effect on the county’s Rural Crescent and the National Park Service’s Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area.  Government at every level has committed strongly to protecting this area and this should be an important factor to consider in routing the power line.

This Wednesday a core group of the Coalition met with two members of the Commission’s staff and were briefed on the process and procedure that we can expect as the proposal moves forward.  It was a useful and informative session that provided valuable insight.  What is perhaps most relevant is that there is ample opportunity for the community take an active part in the process; in research, filings, statements to the Board, and actual participation in the hearings themselves as a respondent with the ability to ask questions of other parties (Dominion Power, for example).

Another thing that was clear from the meeting is that this will not be a quick process.  If this were a “below the radar”, non-controversial proposal it would take at least a year or even more.  As this is anything but that it would not be a surprise if it takes 2 or even 3 years to reach a final decision.  This will require staying power of the community to maintain our focus and resolve in the protection of our region and our community. . .


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