Gainesville, VA Home for Sale

June 26th, 2015

Gainesville, VA Home for Sale

7300 Respite Ct in Somerset Crossing

New carpet * paint * stainless steel kitchen appliances & more!

Cul de Sac * 4 Bedroom plus a Den *  3.5 Bath * Colonial Home * Walk out Finished basement * Media Area * Rec Area with Pool Table *  Paver Patio with fire pit * Fenced yard * 11mi to VRE & less than 2 mi to Atlas Walk, Movie Theatre and new Retail Shopping

7300 Respite Ct presented by

7300 Respite Ct presented by

Paver Patio w. Fenced Back Yard

7300 Respite Ct presented by

7300 Respite Ct presented by

7300 Respite Ct presented by

7300 Respite Ct presented by

7300 Respite Ct presented by


7300 Respite Ct presented by

7300 Respite Ct presented by

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OPEN HOUSE * Dominion Valley Estate Home

May 15th, 2015

OPEN HOUSE * Dominion Valley Estate Home

SUNDAY * May 17 * 1-3pm

15050 Medinah Ct Haymarket VA presented by

15050 Medinah Ct, Haymarket, VA presented by



Bi-County Parkway on Hold

May 6th, 2015

Bi-County Parkway On Hold

Prince William County residents and home owners were recently included in a mailing regarding the proposed Bi-County Parkway that would run north-south and link Prince William and Loudoun counties.  The letter below was included with the notice.


Power plans upset Brookside community

May 6th, 2015


Power plans upset Brookside community

 Tuesday, May. 5 | By James Ivancic

Carrie Kane, left, and Susan Weisenborne were among residents of the Brookside community who visited neighborhood sites that would be impacted by an electrical upgrade route option. Fauquier Times photo/James Ivancic
Residents of the Brookside community and others facing the prospect of electrical towers and overhead lines infringing on their property and lives took a road trip April 27 to areas that would be impacted.Maureen Riordan, a Brookside resident and Fauquier County School Board member, organized the outing to draw attention to the issue.The idea that a route option not favored by Dominion Virginia Power is being considered by the State Corporation Commission, over local protest, seemed to catch many in the neighborhood by surprise.
Residents, news media and Scott District Supervisor Holder Trumbo – a group of about a dozen in all – traveled by car to various points in and around the Brookside community, getting out to check maps and point out backyards, tree clusters and waterways that would be affected.

“I learned on very short notice a little more than a week ago” about the project route still being considered, Riordan earlier told the Fauquier Times. “The SCC won a ruling from an examiner that Dominion Power had to issue a re-notice on two variations of the A routes [between the Wheeler substation and Warrenton]. When I saw where this thing was going I thought, ‘Oh, my God!’”

She said wells could be effected by the construction of towers and Kettle Run High School and Greenville Elementary School face the prospect of transmission lines passing nearby. Trees would be lost as well.

She said a decision on the eventual route could come in August. She noted that the county sent a letter to the State Corporation Commission last September stating that the county supervisors didn’t want to state a preference for a route. Instead, their position was that if either Option A or C were chosen that the lines be placed underground. She pointed out that that in turn led the SCC staff to note that “Fauquier County’s letter filed in this docket does not indicate that the County would block or preclude the construction of Alternative A 2/3, or any other alternative, along its non-common open space easements.”

Trumbo told the Fauquier Times that at that time “Dominion was not pushing Option A. This is a new development from the SCC staff that Dominion and the folks watching this see is not viable and that the SCC sees has to be modified. I still don’t think it will work”

He said that he is “opposed to Option A and I am working with my board and speaking to them regularly about opposing this route.”

Ed Moore, developer of Brookside and president of Brookside Communities, said petition signing and letter writing campaigns are under way in an attempt to influence the decision makers in Richmond. He was part of the road trip group on Monday.

The travelers stopped at the home of Kim and Paul Tice and looked out their back windows at a treeline at the edge of the backyard.

“I’m in the easement,” Kim Tice said. She and her husband have lived in the home for 14 months.

“From what I hear we’d be lucky to get 50 percent of the value” of the house if they sold the house after transmission lines went up.

She said a line would go from her property to where Juan Archilla, who was also on the tour, lives.

He said he was first notified by letter in 2013 about the prospect of a Dominion project impacting his land. But then the utility decided that that route was “not feasible” and said its preference was an option that has less impact on routes and sensitive areas. But Dominion was directed by project application reviewers to consider the option that now has residents up in arms.

“The only reason we bought it was for the view,” said resident Susan Weisenborne of the home that she and her husband bought that backs to woods and Kettle Run. “We knew it would be protected,” or so they thought.

Carrie Kane, who lives across the street from the Weisenbornes, said her family “moved from Loudoun to get away from it all.” She said transmission lines concern her for health and safety reasons plus the impact on the value of her home. “We’re going to do what we can, write to whoever” to express their concerns.

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Dominion Valley Open House

April 6th, 2015

Dominion Valley Open House

SATURDAY * APRIL 11 * 2-4pm

15050 Medinah Ct, Haymarket, VA 20169

15050 Medinah Ct Haymarket VA presented by

15050 Medinah Ct Haymarket VA presented by



Proposed Power Line Status Update

March 23rd, 2015

Proposed Power Line Status Update

This is a summary of a letter I received.  It provides a proposed power line status update on Dominion Power’s proposed power line towers and summarizes the long road ahead . . . .

At the last update, the legislative effort to direct the proposed power line route to one that would follow I-66 and be partially buried had failed.  The next major milestone would be Dominion Power making a formal filing for the power line with the State Corporation Commission (SCC).Strictly speaking that is where we still are.

But that doesn’t mean nothing has been going on.  The research on the various types of impacts (economic, historical, cultural, and environmental) from a power line along the various proposed alternatives has been ongoing.  This research will form the basis of testimony before the SCC when hearings are scheduled.

Meetings and contact with federal, state, and county officials and officeholders have been taking place.  The focus has been on the effect on the county’s Rural Crescent and the National Park Service’s Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area.  Government at every level has committed strongly to protecting this area and this should be an important factor to consider in routing the power line.

This Wednesday a core group of the Coalition met with two members of the Commission’s staff and were briefed on the process and procedure that we can expect as the proposal moves forward.  It was a useful and informative session that provided valuable insight.  What is perhaps most relevant is that there is ample opportunity for the community take an active part in the process; in research, filings, statements to the Board, and actual participation in the hearings themselves as a respondent with the ability to ask questions of other parties (Dominion Power, for example).

Another thing that was clear from the meeting is that this will not be a quick process.  If this were a “below the radar”, non-controversial proposal it would take at least a year or even more.  As this is anything but that it would not be a surprise if it takes 2 or even 3 years to reach a final decision.  This will require staying power of the community to maintain our focus and resolve in the protection of our region and our community. . .


* Information in this blog was provided by a third party resource and should be independently verified.

The Federal Reserve and Interest Rates

March 18th, 2015

The Federal Reserve and Interest Rates

“The much anticipated Fed meeting just finished up.  The expectation since the beginning of the year was an interest rate increase by April. That is not happening. The Fed is saying they will remain diligent on watching this. However everyone expects a rate hike THIS year. Possibly by June-September. . . . ”  according to Mike Farrell of the Farrell Team, VP – First Home Mortgage.

What does this mean for home Buyers and Sellers? It means, it’s time! We have a “stay of execution” on higher interest rates  If you or someone you know were thinking about buying a home, now is the time to consult with a lender and get the process started.   If you are thinking about selling your home, homes remain at historically affordable terms.

As interest rates increase, you may see an initial spike in home buyer interest as all those who are worried they are missing the boat attempt to jump on board lest they miss out on taking advantage of historically low interest rates.  If interest rates continue to rise, you may expect a downward pressure on prices in the short term.

Whether you are looking to start the Home Buying Process or want a “no obligation to list” Consultation on Selling your home call Courtney @ 703-728-6590.

Dominion Power Lines

February 27th, 2015

Dominion Power Lines

The area residents are abuzz with the anticipated application in the first quarter of 2015 detailing where Dominion Power intends to place their new power lines. The current application will affect Fauquier, Prince William and Loudoun counties. The Gainesville to Haymarket 230 kV Transmission power line and Substation Project is to augment the current system in place that runs north south along Catharpin. It is proposed in response to “rapid growth in electrical demand”.  It calls for a new substation in western Prince William County and associated transmission facilities.  The proposed power line expansion is intended, “to support the rapid and continued commercial growth, particularly in the high tech sector, in Haymarket and western Prince William County”.

There is much dissatisfaction as many residents moved to this area to get away from the hustles of city life and reside in areas known as the rural crescents of the area. In 1998 Prince William County created Urban Growth Boundaries to control sprawl.  The defined protected rural area in western Prince William County became known as the Rural Crescent. For more info on PW County Conservation Policies and history visit,

To see a map with detailed information about the proposed power line route(s) and to sign up for email updates visit:

This blog post is meant to be information in nature.

Real Estate Grantor Tax

February 26th, 2015

Real Estate Grantor Tax

Changes to Real Estate Grantor Tax – July 01, 2013. This will affect Seller’s!

The Virginia General Assembly agreed with Governor McDonnell’s proposal on April 03, 2013 to partially fund transportation improvements in Northern Virginia with a 150% increase in the real estate grantor tax. This tax is a burden to the Seller when they sell a home. The previous rate was .10 cents per $100 and will be increased to .25 cents per $100 on July 01, 2013. For example, if a home is being sold for $600,000 the Sellers tax burden will increase from $600 to $1500. It is estimated that this will raise $30M to fund transportation projects in Northern Virginia.

The Virginia Association of Realtors (VAR) lobbied against the original proposal of 50 cents per $100 by digging into the numbers. They were able to get the increase reduced as they found the average grantor tax values used to calculate the revenue were from 2007-11. These were years that included a decline in values and are not representative of our market today.

While no one likes to see a rise in taxes, the funds are earmarked to be used on necessary transportation upgrades in and around Northern Virginia.

Steps to Obtain a Mortgage

February 26th, 2015

Steps to Obtain a Mortgage

Today’s stricter lending environment means that processing a mortgage application is more complex than ever. Given the number of steps that lenders, underwriters, and mortgage insurers must all complete before home buyers truly have their financing in place, the buyer can often feel exhausted and frustrated during the process.

To help ensure the process goes smoother, you can also take steps of your own. It’s a good idea to discuss the process with your Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), even before shopping for homes. By planning ahead, you’ll be in a much better position to negotiate.
Step 1: Get Pre-Approved
The only way to truly know how much home you can afford is to ask a lender. You should be prepared to complete a loan application and give full documentation shortly after your consult. Show your lender that you are serious about working in partnership with them by submitting all the required documentation as quickly as possible.

Getting pre-approved lets you know how much you can afford before shopping for your home. Some industry-leading lenders, like Movement Mortgage, underwrite a majority of the loan prior to giving pre-approval. By eliminating as many lending contingencies as possible, they ensure Buyers will be in the strongest negotiating position available.

What to Know and Where to Find It
• Income: Stable income assures a lender you can make your monthly mortgage payment.
• Total Debt Load: Add up auto payments, credit card payments, student loans, alimony, child support, and other debt.
• Cash: Total assets, amount in checking and savings accounts, and other investments.

Step 2: Determine Monthly Mortgage Payment Including Escrow
Escrow is a third party account used to retain funds including the property owner’s real estate taxes and hazard insurance premiums.

Step 3: Understand Bills Associated with Homeownership
Estimate that it will cost about one percent of the purchase price per year to maintain your home. For a $200,000 home, you should budget approximately $2,000 per year or approximately $170 per month for maintenance. Condominiums and co-ops will have regular maintenance fees. You will also have utilities, gas, electric, water, sewage, cable, telephone, insurance, property tax, etc.

Step 4: Compare the Total Costs to Your Monthly Salary
Subtract the total in Step 3 from your monthly gross income.

Step 5: Test Those Numbers for 3 to 6 Months
• Set up a new bank account and make monthly deposits in an amount that represent the difference between what you pay now for rent and the amount you would be expected to pay if you move forward with a new home purchase.
• Subtract your current monthly rent from your Step 2 total and the balance should be what you deposit.
Use these steps to give you the clarity necessary to move forward with confidence into home ownership.

Courtney recommends before you look at any homes to purchase, do your research and commit to working with one lender. It is important to know that at some point your lender will start incurring processing expenses on your behalf. Make sure you understand when your financial commitment starts.

Your ABR® can provide recommendations of local lenders based on past home buyers’ experiences if you don’t know of any in your area. It is wise to build your real estate support team in advance so that your path is clear to focus on which new home you will buy without distractions. Once you have a trusted Realtor and Lender in place you are ready to start looking at homes.

Financing underpins any real estate transaction and this is why it is important to make sure any Buyer who submits an offer on your home is properly qualified. For more detail on what Sellers should be considering when evaluating the strength of an offer ask Courtney.

Following these steps will greatly improve your results in obtaining a mortgage. Count on your ABR® to provide more detailed information on the process and answer any questions you may have.

Courtney holds her ABR or Accredited Buyer Representative designation with the National Association of Realtors.